art of blender | volume one

Three of my artworks feature in the recently published book by CG Cookie. Available on the official Blender store. Buy now.

Movies, briefly.

If it was impossible to go through the 80s without running into loud fashion, weird hairdos or disco, there's no way you could get through our times without minimalist movie posters.

breaking bad

Diesel at Dawn

It's hard to not love diesel locomotives. While the steam ones are pretty in their own right and i don't want to offend the electrics; there's just no match for the grace, presence and the sheer personality of the diesel that speaks rather tacitly of its dogged intent. One look at their no-nonsense appearance and you know they just mean one word - business. Happy to work, whenever you put them to. I love diesel locos. I Look up to them.

Modeled in Blender. Rendered with Octane.

Featured on the Cover of Blenderart Issue #39

It was amazing. Never mind that it's an online only magazine dedicated to Blender that can only be considered a niche - it was still a great honor. 

The New Beetle

Revisiting one of the earlier models - from scratch. Was a lot of fun. Almost finished.

Rendered in Blender internal V2.49b

A plane, a car and some dramatic lighting

Another round of work. I will let the pictures speak for themselves. Done in blender, rendered with indigo.

ready to fly and other images

it's getting cold

Nothing great modeling wise, just did it because i felt like doing it.


Go Slow, Work in Progress

Supposed to make a good desktop (or laptop) wallpaper. Again nothing extraordinary, just for fun weekend modeling.

Ready to Fly

The hangar doors slide to reveal the Phenom 300 ready for an early morning sortie. The plane model has more vertices than the entire hangar.

And if you guessed the renderer as Indigo, you are right.

the end | the beginning

The end of an empty corridor, doors on both sides and a single window at the center opening to a world of light. May look like an attempt at pseudo art to some, but for some people from a campus near a sleepy village in central India, the imagery holds special meaning. Or so i hope.

Dedicated to everyone from IMT, Nagpur.

blender | cg | 3d | music | life | anuraag

Alright, this is an effort to move my stuff from geocities to here. Its interesting how supposedly the best search engine in the world in not able to list pages hosted on the geicities server while they merrily show on yahoo searches. Anyway, corporate wars are none of my business. So here i host my cg work, done mostly in blender. Hope you like them.

Hotel 42: They are still in there.

Done entierely in blender, this is my latest work. Still trying to improve it, so expect another render soon.